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2014 Garner PAAL Broomball Tournament Fundraiser

MoonRunners Saloon is a proud “Best PAAL” sponser of the Garner Police Athletics/Activities League (PAAL).

On Saturday, June 7 the 2014 “Guns ‘N Hoses” Broomball Tournament Fundraiser will take place at the Garner Ice House (103 New Rand Rd.) as part of a Public Safety Day event.

Basic event information can be found below and extensive information can be found at the Garner PAAL website.

Event Overviewgarner-paal-logo

  • Tournament will be held at the Garner Ice House (103 New Rand Rd.) on Saturday, June 7, 2014 as part of a Public Safety Day event
  • Each of the six teams participating will play three preliminary games
  • Preliminary games will be twenty minutes each (running time) and will be scheduled between 1:00 and 5:00
  • “Tournament” games (top four seeds) will feature single elimination twenty minute games (running time) played at 5:45 and 6:30
  • The “Championship” game will be a twenty minute (running time) game at 7:30.
  • Entry fee for each team is $200 – all proceeds go to Garner PAAL. Entry fees must be paid no later than the day of the event.
  • Each team must have a minimum of ten players and a maximum of twenty players.
  • A maximum of ten players (including the goalie) may play at a time
  • Each team is allowed to have up to three players who are not employed by the Public Safety Agency.
  • No more than two non-employees may be on the ice at one time.
  • Each team will be given free practice time at the Garner Ice House if interested.
  • We will also be hosting an “after-event” social for all participants (more details to come).

Any questions can be addressed to Chief Brandon Zuidema, Broomball Chair, at bzuidema@garnernc.gov or (919) 291-2486.

What is Broomball?

Broomball is played on ice in a manner similar to ice hockey but without the skates, with a ball instead of a puck, and with sticks with “brooms” on the end instead of hockey sticks. The object is to get the ball into the opponent’s net using only your “broom.”